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Cosmo Spring.
Named assuming an early phase of our universe .

A short story...

I sometimes have thought about how to reduce the 'existence' -
how we can know it - to the most simple and basic or elementary 'things' possible,
and the idea was about 'mass, time and infinity' ...

I know it is a think-different, because each life thinks different at a differing time.
Ask a chinese or somebody else about the 'elements of existence'...
A rainworm might say earth as food and water or what so ever if it could talk.

In former times I thought about the 'elements' water, fire, earth and air,
which later gave birth to the idea that it would be more like earth, water, air and light
as particles at differing aggregate 'fluidity'.
Not for nothing we use to say 'taking a sun bath' ;)-
meaning the character of a warm water bath by the first place.
The so called elements also might derive from drinking water, feeling fire, standing on
and being fed by earth while breathing air.

Which later went me to think about the cosmo spring...